August 19, 2010

A Five Minute Sanity Break

You could certainly find a worse way to spend a random five minutes than reading this column by Thomas Sowell. I doubt you could find a better way.

Sowell's column touches on the reasons why so many people feel the federal government no longer operates with the Consent of the Governed. He writes:

Not since the Norman conquerors of England published their laws in French, for an English-speaking nation, centuries ago, has there been such contempt for the people’s right to know what laws are being imposed on them.

The extent to which the federal government no longer sees the citizens of this nation as the source of it's authority and as a self governing people is appalling. It was bad when the Republicans controlled the Congress and the White House and the GOP paid an electoral price for their arrogance and statism. But it is ten times worse under the current regime. To them we seem to not be a self-governing nation of free people but a nation of subjects that it is their right to rule.

If you've got five minutes go read Sowell.

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1 Thanks for posting this one.  Amen.

Posted by: T F Stern at August 20, 2010 09:11 PM (Ruh11)

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