May 31, 2004

A Veteran's Widow Dies

Alberta Martin, widow of a war veteran died this memorial day. Martin was the last surviving widow of a veteran of the American Civil War.

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An American

I am an American.

I am proud American.

I am a grateful American.

To all who have fought and died to preserve and protect this great nation, I thank you.

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May 28, 2004

What Else is a Knight to do?

Susie has asked for help. She has lost the capacity to cope with the idiotarians and has made this plea

Will you ride to the rescue of a damsel in distress?
What is there to do besides dust of the armor, spray a little WD40 into the joints, climb aboard the trusty steed and lance a few boils on the buttocks of the world.
5. If elected, Mr. Bush can be counted on to continue a policy of international beligerence, thus strengthening the terrorist call to action.
The continunation of a policy of international belligerence is why I'm voting for Bush. As for the terrorists call to action, when will these idiots begin to realize that our continued use of oxygen is their call to action.
Mr. Bush has given no indication that he will repudiate Dick Cheney's implementation of the Plan for a New American Century, a plan of military intimidation and dominance.
First, the American Century actually began in the 80's with the defeat of Soviet communism. America's military dominance took it's first tentative steps in the Gulf War. Then we had eight unfortunate years of being ashamed of our position in the world. Is America a dominant force in the world? Absolutely. Can we intimidate weaker nations like say Libya? Absolutely. Is this a good thing. Absolutely.
This belligerent behavior will serve only to isolate America and coerce cooperation from fear.
Yeah it would be better if Quadaffi decided to keep is WMD programs going rather than cooperating out of fear. We certainly shouldn't try to imidate the nice mullahs in Iran or that nice gentalman from North Korea either.
But al Queda will not be coerced, it will only grow in the nooks and crannies and dark spaces of the globe.
And we will contiune to shine the light of smart bombs and cruise missiles until the only dark place left for al Queda is a shallow grave.
The Bush doctrine of preemption isolates us from our allies and fuels the fires of hatred that power terrorism.
So, the French have turned their noses up a little higher and the left is crushed like a schoolgirl teased on a bad hair day. If we remain isolated from terrorists, I can live with the disdain of the French.

What the idiotarians fail to realize it that the terrorists hated us long before the Bush administration. They hated us even when one of their own was president. They will never not hate us. They will either be dead or we will be dead. I vote for them being dead. I vote for for being belligerant, arrogant and dominant if it keeps me alive.

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May 27, 2004

Two Valuable Lessons Learned

Lesson 1: When the contractor tearing the roof off your house says "Don't worry I can make it waterproof," worry.

Lesson 2: Never move a piano in your bare feet. (Especially at 3:00 a.m.)

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May 26, 2004

Wanted Islamic Terrorists

A Kuwaiti, a Pakistani, a Saudi, a Kenyan, an American, a Tunisian, a Tanzanian. is this what the left means by racial diversity?


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May 25, 2004

Construction Has Begun

There were numerous delays in the planning stages - never ask an architect to do something simple, they're not capable of simple. There were numerous delays in the permit process - you'd think they'd make it a little easire for me to increase my property taxes. And numerous delays due to the weather - I'd complain about that but it would do even less good than complaining about the previous two problems.

But now, construction has started. Today we had demolition of more than my checkbook. more...

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May 23, 2004

Democratic Deja Vu

In the 2000 Election Florida Fiasco a Democratic Party hack designed a butterfly ballot for the voters of Palm Beach County. Unfortunately (for the Democrats) the ballot design proved confusing for Gore voters who inadvertently cast their vote for Pat Buchanan. The Democrats did not like the way their ballot design decision turned out. So they tried everything they could to try to change the results into something they liked. Little details like fairness and election law mattered not.

Fast forward to the 2004 election and again we see the Democrats unhappy with the results of their decision making. It seems that based on their expectation that by the time the convention rolled around their candidate would be gasping for funds they decided to hold their convention early and cash that $75 million federal campaign check. It seems they were wrong. Not only is their candidate swimming in cash - so is their opponent who's convention is five weeks later. What are the Democrats to do?

Do they stand up and say, "Well we kind of screwed the pooch on the whole convention scheduling thing but we believe in our candidate and his ideas so we will go ahead as planned? Or do they spout some drivel about a level playing field (completely ignoring the fact that they created the field they are on) and try to pull a fast one?

Straight up and honest or slippery and sleazy?

Well they are politicians, and Democratic politicians at that. They are taking a long hard look at slippery and sleazy.

The current plan under consideration is for the party to hold its convention and nominate Kerry as planned. The twist is that Kerry would not accept the nomination. At least not right away. The idea is that if Kerry does not accept the nomination right away, he is free to continue spending the sizable amount of money he has raised as opposed to being limited to his federal campaign financing.

The nuance would go something like "I actually campaigned for the nomination before I decided not to accept it. Then I accepted it."

The less nuanced version would go something like "They made their bed and they refuse to lay in it. Maybe the interns weren't up to par."

Or Maybe... Kerry is being set up.

(Conspiracy theory in extended entry) more...

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Give Me Strength

Over the course of the day yesterday, I was working up a rather nice post on the idea of John Kerry not accepting the nomination at the convention. Somewhere between the 9-1-1 call and when we got back from the emergency room, it vanished. It had never been saved and someone closed the window.

You can't imagine how perfect it was, after getting a late take out dinner to discover Strength Parts 1 and 2 from Bill Whittle. He could not have posted at a more opportune moment.

ER details in the extended entry more...

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May 22, 2004

Coffee Break

A coffee break is that moment - usually about 10:00 am - when I realized that I have had too much coffee and need to take a break before getting another cup.

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May 20, 2004

The Committee Does NYC

The Committee for the Preservation of the Clinton Legacy (AKA the 9/11 Commission) took its act on the road. First stop, New York City. If you had any expectations that somehow being in the vicinity of Ground Zero would somehow bring an end to the grandstanding and the petty political sniping, you were likely disappointed.

Commissar John Lehman characterized the city's command, control, and communications as "a scandal." He went on to describe the city's disaster-response plans as

not worthy of the Boy Scouts, let alone this great city.
Thus far the commission has sought to lay responsibility for the deaths of 9/11 on President Bush, Condaleeza Rice, John Ashcroft, The FBI, the CIA, and now the NYPD and the NYFD. Essentially they are looking to place responsibility on anyone but the terrorists.

This commission is a travesty. The actions of its members during the hearings have served to render their efforts irrelevant. Whatever conclusions they reach will be hopelessly tainted before the final report is even written. This represents a tragically missed opportunity. An opportunity to learn and to strengthen the nation.

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Comments on Comments

There are not a lot of rules on this site that apply to anyone but me. I'd like it if people kept the comments civil, but I'm not going to edit someone else's profanity.

One rule I have for comments is that the comment section is for commenting. It is not a place to advertise your own blog. If you've got a post that's relevant to the topic you are more than welcome to include a link. But if you dump something in the comments here that has no point other than to promote your site, it will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

That is all.

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May 19, 2004

The Parade of the Waffle King

John Kerry is complaining that Bush has not done enough to influence OPEC to reduce the price of crude oil - and thereby the price of gasoline. Last month he was sighting a Bob Woodward account of a secret deal between Bush and the Saudi's to lower prices prior to the election and calling that outrageous and unacceptable. So essentially Kerry is saying that Bush is wrong to have not made the deal that would have been wrong to make.

Kerry is calling on Bush to use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gas prices. When Clinton did the same in response to a spike in home heating oil prices - Kerry criticized it.

When it comes to the politics of gasoline, Kerry is both regular and unleaded.

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Time for Ted to Go

Spacemonkey found this but can't remember where. It is a petition to get rid of Ted. No, not our Ted, but the bloviating windbag senior senator from gay marriage central.

There are only about 300 signatures so far. Let your voice be heard - even if it is ignored. Sign today.

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May 18, 2004

Gas Price Politics

John Kerry today criticized the Bush administration for not taking action to reduce gas prices fro consumers. Speaking in Portland OR, Kerry said

Yesterday, gas prices soared to more than $2 a gallon, but this administration still has not done anything to help. Their inaction is costing working Americans their jobs, their savings and the opportunity to get ahead.

Are you sitting down. You REALLY should be sitting down for this.


The Bush administration should take action to lower the price of gasoline for average Americans. (Actually, he should lower it for all Americans even the below average ones. Why should the left have to pay more for gas?) The tough part for the administration is that the government doesn't set the price of gas. The market does that. So George can't just sign an executive order saying gas costs $1.74.9. Yes, he could dump a few million gallons of crude from the Strategic Petrolium Reserve, but that would be seen as a short term politically motivated move that would do little in the long run. Besides, things aren't really all that stable in the Middle East these days what with the war and everything. It might be wise to hold on to the SPR until we really need it.

So what is a president to do? How can the federal government take action to directly reduce the price of gasoline? Well, there is the Federal Gas Tax currently 18.4¢ per gallon. President Bush should propose a 50% reduction of the Federal Gas Tax to 9.2¢ per gallon. This would bring the price of gas in most places back under $2.00 per gallon and would bring relief to Average Americans. It should be a relatively easy cut to get through congress. There is no way the Democrats can argue that this is a tax cut for rich. They can't argue that we need the money to pay for Bush's war in Iraq because the revenue from the gas tax is targeted at specific projects - roads and infrastructure.

The campaign debate on this issue would be great entertainment. Kerry would be going into convulsions of nuance trying to flip flop his way out from between the rock and the hard place. Kerry voted in favor of the last gas tax increase. Now he would be forced to choose between reducing a tax he supports and forcing Average Americans to pay a higher price at the pump.

In this boxing match of campaign, Kerry has lead with his right and left his chin exposed. Will Bush connect?

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Olympic Caution

The International Olympic Committee has approved a measure that clears the way for transgendered participants in the Athens Olympics.

Under a proposal approved by the IOC executive board, athletes who have undergone sex-change surgery will be eligible for the Olympics if their new gender has been legally recognized and they have gone through a minimum two-year period of postoperative hormone therapy.

The decision, which covers both male-to-female and female-to-male cases, goes into effect starting with the Athens Olympics in August.

Transgendered athletes were cautioned, however, to avoid excessive displays of transgender pride as this may be upsetting to the other athletes.

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May 16, 2004

The Other Side Of Paradise

The Kerry Campaign released a few million copies of a tribute to the candidates formative years in exclusive private schools. At times I thought I was reading a character description by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Choosing Sides

Despite an overwhelming lack of anything beyond the most superficial knowledge of the subject, there is a very strong rocket connection to this site. One part of that connection is Rocket Jones. It was Ted's recommendation and invitation that resulted in my move from Blogspot to for which I will be forever grateful.

The other connection is to Rocket Man Blog. It's author, Mark Oakly, has the title of Blogfather for Hold The Mayo. I found his blog from a link from Virginia Postrel. After reading the entire main page of the site I sent him an email with a few comments and asked if he ever considered the possibility of having guest authors. We passed a few messages back and forth and before we finished discussing the topic, I had clicked on the Blogger ad at the top of his page and had my own blog. ark provided a lot of help in getting me started.

This is why I read stories lilke this with very mixed feelings.

A privately built manned spacecraft has reached a record altitude of 211,000ft (64km) over California on one of its final tests before officially entering space.

SpaceShipOne was built by aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan who hopes to win the Ansari X-prize of $10m (£5.7m) for the first private flight into space.

The craft has to reach an altitude of 329,000ft (100km) twice in three weeks to win - and is expected to do so next month

That the much dreamed of era of private space flight is about to begin is one the coolest things ever. The design of Scaled Composites Space Ship One is pretty damned cool too. But as the saying goes, I have a dog in this fight.

About two months ago, Mark left his job at Lockheed Martin for a position as lead propulsion engineer with TGV Rockets. He put his house in Colorado one the market and moved his family to Oklahoma. His blog, quite understandably has been quiet ever since.

So while I certainly wish nothing bad for Burt Rutan and his Spaceship One team, I cannot help but root for the Michele B.

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May 15, 2004

Google Strangeness

This site has shown up on some pretty strange Google searches in the past, but has to be the wierdest:

im hungry and i cant decide if i should get a bic mac at mcdonalds or a whopper at burger king
Hold the Mayo(at its original BlogSpot home no less) was number 3 for this search.
... to a really great steak when you are really hungry for steak ... At $.99 per song I just had to decide which ones ... have said to Daschel and the gang that ifyou want ... - 76k - Cached - Similar pages
I could remember the steak line - but not what the post was about. I knew the $.99 song post. The Daschel comment could have come from any number of posts. Thank goodness Hold the Mayo has a search function.

The steak line was from post about the day I discovered Eject! Eject! Eject!

Finding Bill Whittle's essays, which I did with the help of my good friend at Rocket Man Blog, was like sitting down to a really great steak when you are really hungry for steak.

The essays are not short, much more of king cut of prime rib than a tasty little filet. They are meaty, they are satisfying, and they will fill you up mentally. They are food for the mind and the soul. So, thanks for the hit on my site meter, but get over to Eject! Eject! Eject! now. Bon appetite.

The $.99 song refernece is from this post on my first trip to the iTunes music store.
I started clicking on some of the "people who bought this also bought" links and after a few of those I was suddenly confronted with an image of the cover of Pink Floyd's The Wall. This was the first album I bought with my own money. Feeling old crashes headlong into nostalgia. At $.99 per song I just had to decide which ones I wanted most. A quick check of my Itunes library showed - to my complete dismay - no songs from The Wall. Back to the Itunes store and a few clicks and a password later and I had bought the whole thing. Downloading the entire double album collection of 26 songs took less than 10 minutes. Feeling old and feeling nostalgic meets really cool technology. "I have become Comfortably Numb."
The Daschel comment was from a post about Miguel Estrada withdrawing from his nomination the the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
The senate leadership, meaning of course Bill Frist, could have forced the Democrats to actually filibuster the nomination instead of letting them get away with a fake procedural filibuster. Frist could, and should, have called their bluff and made them earn it. He could, and should, have said to Daschel and the gang that if you want to prevent a vote on this nomination you are going to have to do the work. He could, and should, have kept the senate in session 24/7 for as long as it took. He could have said to the Democrats "If you want a fight, you've got one."
All three of this posts were written in the very early days of this blog. None of them were at all related until tonight when they brought together by some complete utter wanker using to Google to figure out where he should go for fast food.

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May 14, 2004

eTalkinghead Post

John Kerry's Number Problems

John Kerry has a significant problem with numbers. Not just his poll numbers. Not just the number of SUV's he or his family does or doesn't own. Not just the number of different versions of the medal tossing story he has told.

John Kerry has a serious problem with basic math.

Keep Reading

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Fun With Bill

I found a copy of the cover of Bill Clinton's sink John Kerry book cover. I think I am going to have a lot of fun with this.


There is a blank here just in case anyone else wants to join in.

Check the extended entry for my first efforts. I started with a few of the more obvious ones.

UPDATE:Eloise at Spitbull is looking for new title ideas if you want to weigh in without doing the photoshop thing. more...

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