February 28, 2006

Problems Cubed

My home system is the short lived Apple G4 Cube. When I bought it, the processor was more than adequate, and the size was perfect for my very limited space. And because it was about to be discontinued, there was a nice rebate on it too. It has served us well in the Macklin household. Until the other day.

My son unearthed a very old CD of some children's educational game and asked if he could play it. Sure. No problem I thought. I can run the installer in Classic. (For those not OS X savvy Classic is OS 9 running on top of OS X).

Well the installer just did not want to run in Classic. It's rare but it happens. No problem I thought. I can just reboot the system into OS 9 install an reboot to X. Chances are the game would play in Classic even of the installer wouldn't.

Here's were a bit of history comes into play. When I was doing the upgrade to OS X 10.4 (aka Tiger) there were some low level directory errors that were blocking the install and that could not be fixed. So I backed everything up, stuck in the Tiger install disk and told it's disc utility to do a low level format then I installed the upgrade and went on my merry way.
So, I tell the system to reboot in OS 9 and the result is the last thing a Mac User wants to see, a little icon of a floppy disc with blinking question mark in the middle of it. this means the computer cannot find a disc with a valid operating system.
Another bit of history. At one point my son decided to load his own game on the system. So he slid a CD into the slot loading drive. It probably look some effort since there was already a disc in it. Thus the factory installed CD ROM drive was destroyed. Which was not entirely bad since the only replacement I could find was a superdrive. There was a dark side to that too though. The internal drives for G4s are IDE. The new superdrive was hardwired as a master which meant fiddling around with the jumpers on the hard drive to make it a slave. Big pain in the rear but I got it done. (It should be noted that ease of access to ANY component other than RAM was not a consideration in the design of the Cube.)
So I have the blinking question mark icon and my master drive has a CD in it that none of the standard methods of ejecting will cause to eject. There is no option to manually eject a disc. Because the master is hung up on the CD the standard shortcut of holding down the X key at startup to force OS X to launch didn't work. So I opened the case and undid the eight crews that would sort of give me access to the 4 screws that to the CD drive bracket. I got that out and there was no visible means of manually ejecting a disc. So I removed the drive form the bracket. Still no manual eject.

There were a few small holes around the drive that I probed with a paper clip to see if they were the elusive manual eject. No such luck.

So I got my tiny screwdriver and opened the drive case and removed the CD. But the whole thing back together, re-installed the drive, put back all the the screws, plugged everything back in.

Blinking question mark icon.

No problem I thought. I'll just drop in the Tiger install disc and go from there. Problem. The CD drive still thought it had a disc in it. So I unplugged it all. Took out all the screws. Removed the drive from the bracket and opened the drive case. I fiddled around with all the moving bits for a few minutes but there really was no way to re-set the mechanism. So I put in the Tiger disc, put the whole thing back together. AGAIN.

But it booted off the install CD. I ran the disc utility over the hard drive to make sure it wasn't completely hosed, then rebooted off the hard drive in OS X. And all is well.

The moral of the story is - once you have formatted your hard drive for Tiger. DO NOT attempt to boot System 9.

The question left unanswered is, why in hell would anyone design a slot loading CD drive without any manual eject?

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February 27, 2006

Emirates Cargo Operations

Varifrank has an excellent post puncturing they hyperbole surrounding the Dubai Port World Deal.

I just want to understand your position here, they can fly aircraft in and out of an airport in New York City all.day.long, but allowing them to unload ships is out of the question? They can enter the airport traffic pattern over civilian populations all over the east coast all.day.long, but they can't operate a shipping terminal in Bayonne, New Jersey?
There is more, and it should be read.

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February 26, 2006

Safe Harbors

I put my most recent thoughts on the Dubai Port World story into a Podcast.

You can download it here: Safe Harbors.

Remember you can subscribe to the Hold The Mayo Podcast via the iTunes Music Store, or use the RSS feed.

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A Few Port Facts

CNN actually provided a pretty decent breakdown of who does what in a shipping port. Read it and remind me why I should panic. Here's a relevant sample:

Private port operators
• Not involved in securing ports
• Run businesses that load and unload cargo
• Employ stevedores
• Manage cruise ship and passenger terminals
• Build port facilities

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February 25, 2006

Olympic Thoughts

Are the Winter Olympic over yet? I haven't seen a lot of bloggers complaining about the closing ceremonies yet so they must still be happening.

I, like apparently a growing number of people, don't care about the Olympics and I think I know why. Some time after the Reagan years and the collapse of the Soviet Union, nationalism became passe. It certainly isn't a part of the Olympics any longer.

I think they need to do away with the entire Olympic venue selection committee and make it a contest.

Award each country 10 points for every gold, five points for a silver and two points for a bronze. The country with the most points at the end of the event decides where the next Olympics will be. They also need to go back to the days when Olympic athletes were nominally amateur. Get rid of the pampered overpaid superstars. We already know how good they are, let's see the people who play for the love of the game.

Do that and maybe people like me will care about the Olympics again.

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February 22, 2006

BrokeMac Mountain

I've seen a lot of Brokeback parodies, this is one of the best.

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February 21, 2006

Got A New Toy Today

From EdgeTech Corp. The DiskGo watch. Tells time and date and holds 256MB of data.

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Vetoing Common Sense

After six years of signing ever piece of dreck legislation that has come across his desk (the man signed McCain/Feingold) George Bush is finally rattling the veto saber. His is threatening to veto any action taken by congress to block the sale of port operations at six U.S. ports to a company owned by the United Arab Emerites.

President Bush said Tuesday that the deal allowing an Arab company to take over six major U.S. seaports should go forward and that he would veto any congressional effort to stop it.
"After careful review by our government, I believe the transaction ought to go forward," Bush told reporters who had traveled with him on Air Force One to Washington. "I want those who are questioning it to step up and explain why all of a sudden a Middle Eastern company is held to a different standard than a Great British company. I am trying to conduct foreign policy now by saying to the people of the world, `We'll treat you fairly.'"
A lot of people are very upset about this decision and how it was reached. I lot of people are upset that control of these ports is being sold to an Arab nation that while an ally in the war on the terror, seems to be an ally rather too much like the Saudis.

President Bush insists that the decision is a good one and seems to be ready to issue his first ever veto to back that up. And who knows, he might actually be right.

Thousands of Muslims rioting over cartoons; burning American flags and chanting death to America, and most of the American media has been steadfastly refused to even publish the things. And yet he wants to go ahead and cell control of major points of entry into this country to an Arab Nation and balks at the notion that anyone is questioning this.

This belies a terrible dearth of common sense.

Take the whole U.A.E. factor out of the question. In a post-9/11 world, if the operations of six major ports were being sold to John Smith's Port Management Enterprises of Pittsburgh, PA the transaction would warrant a full public examination.

If terrorists are going to smuggle some sort of nuclear device or dirty bomb into this country, they probably aren't going to do it on an airplane. They are going to do it on a ship.

If there is nothing wrong with this deal and it preserves or even enhances our national security great. If the administration vetted this thing as thoroughly as they claim then if congress investigates again they should find the same thing.

If Bush is so sure he's right on this one, he should look congress members calling for investigation in the eye and say "bring it on."

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February 20, 2006

It's All About Dick

Have you had enough of the Dick Cheney hunting accident story yet? The left hasn't. They are just unwilling to let go. And the tighter they hold on to the story the more poisonous and ridiculous their venom becomes.

If you want to read a classic example of Bush/Cheney derangement syndrom, with some just plain ordinary derangement on the side, check out this piece over at eTalkinghead.

It will leave you shaking your head and laughing in disbelief. I assure it was not written as a parody. Don't believe me? Here's a sample:

Personally, I am angry with Cheyney for shooting the wrong rich, white, middle-aged, male, dominionist Neocon. Also, the dumbass should have used a deer rifle.

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Happy Anniversary Kyoto

So, we had the warmest January EVER. Which means the warmest January in the 200 or so years they have been keeping records. Which is just a small percentage of the total number of time periods we have been labeling January since since the introduction of the Julian calendar in 46 BC. Which of course makes it an infinitesimally small fraction of the total history of the same celestial/lunar time frame in the Earth's history.

If we could plot back the month of January back to say the Mesozoic Era, and somehow determine the average temperature for every one of those 248 millions of 31 day periods, I would be surprised to find that this past January was the warmest ever.

Based on what can only be considered a very very small sample of historic global climate history, we are all being asked to believe that the activities of mankind are drastically altering the climate of the planet.

However, the planet has had climate changes before. It had climate changes long before mankind became the dominant species. Long after the age of man has passed, the climate probably change again.

We are now at the anniversary of the enacting of the global economic suicide pact - also known as The Kyoto Protocol. In the year since the treaty to reduce output of carbon into the atmosphere went into effect, output totals for many signatories are up. I guess that's working out well.

As an aside, if the U.S. had not demonstrated the wisdom to have nothing to with Kyoto and our output totals had not gone down (which they have) do you think the anniversary of Kyoto might actually have been a bigger story than the Cheney shooting accident?

The Kyoto Protocol has proven to be what many expected. A complete failure on a global scale. The only way Kyoto could have been a bigger disaster would be if it had succeeded in doing what it was created to do. Which was to cripple he economically advanced countries of the west - and the U.S. In particular.

The air in many parts of the world is much much worse than it is in the US and most of the developed nations. This doesn't come as much of a surprise. On our way to becoming the nation that we are today we displayed a much more cavalier attitude toward the environment. As our standard of living grew we decided it was time to clear the air. What good are all of our luxuries and wealth if we can't breath.

The developing world will continue to pour carbon and other pollutants into the atmosphere until they have the wealth to care about something other than developing. If we took all of the money that has been thrown away on Kyoto and the Global Warming religion and just bought cleaner burning technology for developing economies like China and India, we would probably all be breathing a little easier.

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February 19, 2006


Captains Quarters readers to Hold The Mayo. Pull up a chair and browse a while. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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February 17, 2006

I'd Rather Be Sailing

Here's the latest from the Volvo Ocean Race because I know you are all as interested as I am.

Last Sunday the fleet left Melbourne, Australia for a short sprint to Wellington, New Zealand. It was an uneventful race in the sense that no one almost sank along the way. There were several lead changes and things got close when the wind dies for leaders as the neared the finish.

The yacht Movistar took line honors which makes Wellington the first finish line in the race not taken by ABN AMRO One who finished second. Pirates of the Caribbean finished third.

The Wellington is different from most of the other stops around the globe. It is something more than like a pit stop as the boats will start out this Sunday on the difficult and dangerous Southern Ocean leg to Brazil. While in port, the boats cannot receive any outside assistance or even load additional supplies into the boat. If they do, they well take a two hour penalty at the start. Movistar which suffered some damage to the joints between the keel and the hull has pulled the boat form the water to make repairs and will start two hours behind the rest of the fleet. Better to take the penalty than to attempt the Souther Ocean with a less than 100% boat.

Erricson who were the last boat to Wellington, just one mile behind ABN AMRO Two, took advantage of a rule that allows them to receive outside assistance without penalty. They withdrew from the leg before they crossed the finish. They still get their two points for finishing in sixth place.

The Yacht Brunel which has been beset with problems both on and off the water has temporarily withdrawn form the race. They will be making significant modifications to the boat and rejoining the race in Baltimore, Maryland. The changes to the boat will reportedly be so great that they will have to pay a new entrance fee for entering a new boat.

The point totals thus far:
3 movistar 18.0
4 Pirates of the Caribbean 16.5
5 Brasil 1 16.0
6 Ericsson Racing Team 14.5
7 Brunel 11.5

UPDATE:I mis-reported the actions of the Ericsson boat. They did not withdraw from the race, they suspended racing. On a leg of the race a boat that needs to execute repairs may suspend racing and make port to effect repairs then they must return to the point where they suspended racing ad resume. Ericsson suspended racing 1 mile from the finish. Their repairs complete they returned to the point of suspension, resumed racing and finished.

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February 16, 2006

Operation Clinton Storm

Powerlilne is moderating a debate of sorts over how the Republican's should handlle campaigning against Hillary Clinton when she runs for president.

On one side is former Clinton insider turned thorn in the Clinton's side, Dick Morris. Morris recommends the Republican's continue to point out the New York Senator from Alabama's tendency to anger.

It's a wonderful strategy since it takes away from her the capacity to campaign. Hillary is incapable of being anything other than bland or shrill. By making shrill politically expensive, and spreading the notion that she is too angry, they make it hard for her to make political points without hurting herself more than she is hurting her adversary. It is like criticizing Nixon for being too negative. Each new negative he threw hurt him more than the adversary.
On the other side is Amity Shlaes who makes a very strong case for going after Clinton on her record in the Senate.
As E.J. McMahon, an economist at the Manhattan Institute, points out, the tax cuts did turn out to put "people first.'' Lower earning households saw great savings: a single parent of two children under age 17 saw an effective 84 percent cut in tax liability. In 2005, McMahon estimates, New Yorkers got to keep $14.6 billion in earnings that they would have had to pay in taxes without the changes in the federal law.
What's more, the Bush tax cuts were followed by both market and economic comebacks, just as Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin's capital-gains rate cut was followed by the boom of the late 1990s. Federal tax rate cuts did a lot to offset state and local tax increases. Using something called the State Tax Analysis Modeling Program, a software program that tries out different tax scenarios, McMahon estimates that without the federal cuts New York City would have lost jobs. Instead employment grew.
McMahon figures that for the six-year period of Clinton's first term New Yorkers will have kept $60 billion that they would have otherwise paid in taxes. Lots of people in New York don't get a Wall Street bonus. This tax cut was their bonus. Deprive them of it, and you limit the bonuses to Wall Street. You favor the rich in exactly the way that Clinton opposes.
I think the Republican's could actually do well with both by adapting a strategy of Bush the Elder. A strategy that doesn't involve lip reading of course.

It is the strategy of Operation Desert Storm. For weeks before ground troops joined in the war to oust Hussein from his conquest of Kuwait we bombed the hell out of them. Day after day. Night after Night. Sortie after Sortie. By the time the ground troops moved in, it was a mop up operation.

Here's how it works in the campaign against Hillary. First from now until the start of the 08 general election campaign keep making note of her temper. Not in big speeches and public denunciations, but in small subtle ways. And every time during the primaries that she shifts into Shrillary mode, people will think about how they have heard of her temper. This will, as Morris predicts force her to shut down half of her normal mode of operating.

Once the general election starts (assuming she gets the nomination) stop pointing out her temper, but hit her hard on her record. She will be so wary of showing any fire that she will be virtually unable to offer even a modestly spirited defense. Until it gets to a point where she just can't take it anymore and has public meltdown that scares away even the New York Times

Soften the target, then take it out.

So who's on tap for 2012?

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February 15, 2006

The Media's Mainstream Hypocrisy

I don't know why I am still stunned by the enormity of hypocrisy displayed by the left. I guess I just figure that at some point they would look at themselves and think "We can' go quite that far." If not out of conscience then at least out of a reasonable expectation that they wouldn't be able to get away with it.

The media, and yes for the most part I think the media and the left are synonymous, have taken hypocrisy to a level that approaches treasonous. For while it may not be fair to say that in the War on Terror and the cultural clash between Islam and the West the media are routing for the other side to win, they do seem to be routing for our side to lose.

Before you ask what's the difference? I mean that they don't really care who we lose to, just so long as we lose.

The media very rarely if ever show images of 9/11. We never see the towers burning. We never see the bodies raining from they sky. We never see the destruction of the Pentagon. Why doesn't the media show any of this? They feel the images are too upsetting and would engender anger and hatred toward Muslims.

Yet without hesitation they will print photos of abuse that occurred in Abu Ghraib. Images that will surely engender anger and hatred towards Americans by Muslims. Will they in the accompanying stories feature the prosecutions and convictions of those involved? Or will those facts, if mentioned at all, be given brief mention well after the jump?

The media has instituted an almost total black-out of the 12 cartoons of Mohammed because they might offend and anger Muslims. They don't want to be seen as potentially portraying Mohammed in a less than positive way. Instead they run story after story of the riots being staged in response to the cartoons while carefully making sure their audience has no idea what all the fuss is about.

Yet without hesitation they will print photos of abuse that occurred in Abu Ghraib. Images that will surely offend and anger Muslims. Images that will certainly portray the United States in a less than positive way. This they will claim they are doing because the public has the right to know.

I do not expect or want a jingoistic "America right or wrong" media. That would be as repugnant as the blatantly anti-American media we have now. But I do wish we had a media that at least made an attempt to be honest and even a little fair.

"The enemy's dangerous, but right now you're worse. Dangerous and foolish."

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February 14, 2006

Where Does It Stop?

I know the shortcomings of the slippery slope argument. I understand that reducing major international cultural crises to "if you give a mouse a cookie" is a gross oversimplification. But I'm going to do it anyway.

Muslims complained that they were offended by an ice cream being sold by Burger King. If you looked at the lid of the container from the right angle the graphic drawing of ice cream swirls had a very vague resemblance to the Arabic symbol for Allah. Burger King pulled the offending dessert from its stores.

Nike recalled 38,000 pairs of sneakers because the stylized version of their "Air" logo written in flame bore a slight resemblance to the Arabic symbol for Allah. Muslims of course were offended.

Now there is the Cartoon Jihad in which a Danish newspaper in a deliberate exercise of free speech published some cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Muslims are offended. Offended to the point of burning down buildings. Offended to the point of marching in the streets with posters calling for brutality and violence. Offended to the point of carrying signs that read "Freedom Go to Hell."

And throughout Europe and the United States, people are working very hard to appease the easily offended. But none of this has anything to do with anyone being offended. The offended outrage is nothing more than a tool. An instrument of policy wielded by Muslim leaders to enhance their own power and to assert Muslim control over the West.

And when the West has given up its freedom of expression in the name of not offending the Muslim world, what will offend them next? Surely there is much in Western culture to offend Muslim sensibilities. Not only do Western women parade about the streets barely dressed and unaccompanied by a controlling male - they are doing this while on their way to jobs and schools and voting booths. Will this be the next offense to Muslims that leads to riots in the streets?

In our battle against radical Islam we are armed with awesome power. We can take out a safe house with a Hellfire missile fired from an unmanned airplane controlled from thousands of miles away. Militarily, the Islamists are no match for the U.S. In the clash of cultures between radical Islam and the West, the Imams have a fearsome weapon. They can call into the streets hundreds of thousands of angry offended victims. Predator drones cannot help (much) in this fight. Our only weapon and our only defense is our will to stand by the principles of freedom. So far it seems are defenses are a bit weak.

(HT: Wizbang for reminding me of some past offenses)

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February 13, 2006

Accident's Will Happen

Washington insiders have informed me that Senator Edward Kennedy accepted an invitation to go hunting with the Vice President. However since the Senator insisted on driving, the invitation has been withdrawn.

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The Trouble With Throwing Bombs

There is a certain value in being a partisan bomb thrower. It stirs things up. It gets people talking. It helps you sell books. There is a certain danger in it as well.

The danger is that the bombs become expected. When people go to hear someone like conservative bomb thrower Ann Coulter speak, they know they are going to hear her use some fairly provocative rhetoric. It's her thing. It's what she does. It's what they go there to hear.

The thing is, that after a while the outrageous becomes ordinary and expected. If you keep throwing the same old bombs they have less and less effect. The only recourse for the bomb thrower is to rely on the strength of their intellect or throw bigger bombs.

Coulter decided throw bigger bombs and went too far. Her comments at CPAC were well beyond the line of what's acceptable.

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February 11, 2006

It Was A Mild Winter

I suppose I ought not to complain. I don't think the daytime temperature dropped below 40° for most of January. I knew there was no way it would be a completely easy winter. I knew when I looked at the collection of x-mas gift certificates and decided that I didn't need to cash them all in for a snow-blower that there would be at least one day that I would regret that decision.

Here is the current forecast for my area as of 4:32

4:32 PM EST SAT FEB 11 2006
(emphasis added)
Why do I have the feeling that i am in line for "locally higher amounts?" UPDATE: About eight inches on the ground and still snowing heavily. I went to the NOAA site to check my local forecast and found this (emphasis added):
Today: Periods of snow with widespread blowing snow, mainly before 3pm. The snow could be heavy at times. Some thunder is also possible. High around 26. Blustery, with a north wind between 20 and 28 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 4 to 8 inches possible.

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February 08, 2006

The Silent Majority

In the endless commentary about the Cartoon Jihad there is the endless equivocation that the writer does not apply his criticisms to all muslims. Only the violently fanatic ones. On the radio I heard Sean Hannity giving the standard line about how extremists have hijacked a nobel peaceful religion. Some have even gone so far as to try to a estimate of the size of the radical muslim population based on reported numbers at the Cartoon Protests. They put the high end of their number at around 0.1% of the more than 1 billion estimated Muslims in the world population.

I will grant all the equivocations, the hijacking of a nobel, peaceful religion and I will accept the estimates for how small a percentage of the Muslim population of the world is what we would call radical.

But even with all of that, I do not hold the rest of the Muslim population blameless. Because what I want to know, is where the hell are the other 99.9%. Where are the millions and millions of peaceful Muslims standing up to the terrorists and murders and saying "Not. In. My. Name?" Where are the peaceful Imams calling out there brethren for preaching hate and inciting violence?

If .1% of their population has hijacked their peaceful, nobel religion and perverted it with hatred and a lust for power and domination, why do they do nothing to stop it? Were talking about a billion people vs a few hundred thousands.

And yet aside from an anonymous apology that may not even be genuine, they are silent.

Time and time again the terrorists have acted in the name of Islam. And every time the vast peaceful, nobel majority did and said nothing. By their silence and their inactivity they paint themselves with the broad brush of radical Islam. It is as though a billion voices were calling for death to those who insult Islam. It is as though a billion hands were flicking the BIC that set the Danish Embassy ablaze.

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February 07, 2006

I'd Still Rather Be Sailing

After much drama the Volvo Ocean Race fleet all made it safely to Melbourne. The Ericsson boat which dropped out early in the leg arrived via container ship. The Boat Brasil 1 was dismasted and sailed to Freemantle under a jury rig. There is was loaded on a truck and driven across the continent.

My favorite, the Pirates of the Caribbean limped into Melbourne with severely disabled keel hydraulics for a fourth place finish.

At every stop along the race, they hold in an in-port race. Traditional around the cans racing. The Melbourne race was this past Sunday. It was not televised but I was able to listen to the stream of the Aussie radio commentary.

I have to say, there is nothing like participating in a sport you love. Watching it on television pales by comparison even though it is exciting to see the sport at its highest levels. Listening to it on the radio is one step further removed. Listening to the streaming feed of a radio broadcast of sail boat race, despite the factor of how it cool it is to be able to do it in the first place, not the next best thing to being there.

It was an exciting and close race nonetheless and the commentators did an excellent job and thankfully knew what they were talking about. You can get a taste of the action from these two video clips. Video 1. Video 2. No these are not time compressed and the boats really do go that fast.

The boat of the day award has to go to Brasil 1. They stepped their replacement mast the morning of the race. Had little to no time to test and tune the rig and not only made the start, but lead for much of the race until a disastrous spinnaker takedown dropped them back to fourth.

The Pirates took second and moved up one place to fourth on the overall race, one half point ahead of Brasil 1.

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