November 23, 2009

Take a Bow

I had a thought regarding The One's recent deep bow to the Japanese Emperor. I think it was done on purpose. I think it was cover.

When The One bowed to the Saudi King I think it was instinct. I think he bowed from the heart.

That action certainly got enough coverage, and was debated enough that The One and his people had to be aware of the fact that the American President does not bow to royalty. Anywhere. Ever. They had to have learned that the while the President not bowing is not a sign of disrespect to the royalty the President bowing is a sign of disrespect toward his office and the American people.

So why did he do it again? Why did he bow so deeply to the Japanese Emperor?

Because now the issue is The One bowing, not The One bowing to the Saudi King.

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November 22, 2009

Declare Yourself

I created a new shirt for my store at

The shirt displays the full text of the Declaration of Independence. The idea behind the shirt is that before you wear it, you sign it. While you're wearing it carry a marker in your pocket so others can sign it as well.

Here is how the shirt looks with my John Hancock. Send me a photo of yours and I'll post it and make you (im)famous!

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November 19, 2009


Because of all the time I have been spending on the whole GET A JOB thing, I haven't been writing much lately, though I have been trying to keep up with my reading. In addition to news and politics blogs, I have a whole list of design related blogs I read regularly. Sometimes the two merge. One of the news and politics bloggers will write something about design. It is often interesting and amusing to read about one's profession from someone who knows nothing about it.

Sometimes one of the design blogs dips a toe into politics. This is usually less fun as the design world is by and large just to the left of Hollywood. To the point where I sometimes wonder if I should copy Andrew Breitbart and set up a site for conservative designers to vent. Big Design.

There are designer's out there who do not dance in the fever swamps of the far left.

One of the designers who gets it is Andy Rutledge of Design view. Not only does he get it. He gets it with passion. Today Andy did more than dip a toe into politics and culture he dove in.

Risk is too much maligned in western culture these days and that has begun to seriously piss me off. It wasn’t always so. The west, the US in particular, used to be a place where risktaking was understood to be a fundamental component of life; successful life especially.

A life free from risk is a life bereft of liberty, a life of bondage, and it kills the human spirit. This fact has never and will never change, but the definition of liberty is being redefined and the culture restructured in my country in a foolish effort to remove risk. The foundation of what built this nation is crumbling in the process.

As they say "read the whole thing." And be sure to check out the desktop wallpapers Andy made to accompany the post. I've got mine.


C. Edmund Wright at American Thinker echo's Andy's sentiment:

With the threat of this administration and congress, what is the possible motivation for anyone with ideas and capital to invest his time, talent, and money into a risky endeavor? There appears to be none. In fact, there appear to be powerful incentives not to invest any time or treasure -- thus an economy with almost zero creative inertia.

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November 16, 2009

Stimulus Success

I have prove that the $867 Billion pork infested "stimulus" package is working. It has certainly stimulated a lot of internet activity in Connecticut.

The Department of Labor's Web site is currently experiencing extremely high usage, restricting your ability to file a claim.

For your convenience, you may want to file your weekly claim Tuesday through Friday. Due to the high volume experienced on Sundays and Mondays, please avoid filing on those two days if possible.

That's the message on my screen when I tried to file my continued claim for unemployment this morning.

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November 08, 2009

Getting it Backwards

John Hinderaker at Powerline takes a look at basic political philosophy and party affiliation and comes to a conclusion that gets it exactly ass backwards. (emphasis added)

The basic asymmetry of American politics is that there are more conservatives than there are Republicans, while there are more Democrats than there are liberals. This is why Nancy Pelosi wasn't able to persuade anything like a unified caucus to vote for her government takeover of health care, and why Democratic Congressmen were competing for permission to vote against the bill.

Why is it, though, that while conservatives outnumber liberals by anywhere from one and a half to two to one, depending on the poll, there are significantly more Democrats than Republicans? There are a number of answers, but one of them is that conservatives, as a group, are insufficiently loyal to the Republican Party.

This is the kind of party first thinking that lead to failed GOP nominee it the NY23 special election. Party first people like Newt Gingrich wound up endorsing a candidate who was so liberal that in the end she endorsed the Democrat.

There are more conservatives than Republicans precisely because they are loyal to their ideas and values before a political party that does not represent them.

To me the math works this way if there are more Conservatives than Republicans, and more Democrats that Republicans, the problem is the Republican Party is insufficiently loyal to Conservatives.

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November 02, 2009

A Rumpelstiltskin Moment

Taking my son out for Trick or Treat on Saturday was fun. The weather was great - he was excited and had a fantastic time.

I remembered to turn all the clocks back and hour before I went to bed.

Sunday I webt to the grocery store and the elves were busy clearing the "seasonal" aisle and re-stocking it with Christmas candy, wrapping paper and decorations.

I thought for a moment I had done something horribly wrong to time and slept right through Thanksgiving.

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