March 25, 2010

Job Description of the Week

Saw this job description that really does an excellent job of describing the impact of the massive increase of government engineered by the Democrats.

The company was listed as anonymous. The Location: Washington DC. (All typos in the original. Other emphasis added)

An Art Director/Designer who has done both kick-ass web based creative and award winning work in traditional media. We're a 40-person agency determined to take our work to the next level. We've done some nice work, but we feel our best campaigns are ahead of us. This hire will play a key role in helping us get there.

You will be our go-to creative for our digital concept/design projects. Yu will also have TV, video, print and design projects cross your desk on a regular basis. Our ideal candidate will demonstrate both impeccable design sense and strong conceptual ability. You attended a credible design/portfolio school and have 5-10 years at a creative focused agency. You are executionally self-sufficient ; proficient in: Photography, Video Production/Editing, Flash and all basic digital design programs. Most importantly, you have a "winning" creative attitude.

We're solvent, profitable and recently successful in new business. We also have a 35-year history of stability. Our region is one of the few that has managed to thrive in these economic times. We're in the right place at the right time and can provide an exciting career opportunity for the right person.

I have no further comment.

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March 24, 2010

I Will Not Obey

If you are counting on the Republican Party to do much in terma of undoing the Democrat's nationalization of healthcare, you are probably also patiently for the sun to rise in the west. If and when the GOP retakes the reins of power they will at best modify and water it down.

This tyrany will only be stopped by the American people taking action to bring the Obamacare system to its knees.

The bill provides for the hiring of 12,000 additional IRS agents to gandle the enforcement of the Democrat's health insurance mandate.

The question become, how many people the IRS punish before it becomes overwhelmed and the dictat becomes unenforceable?

I WIll Not Obey.

Start saving now to cover your own medical expenses. When the mandate takes effect drop your insurance. Do not pay fines to the IRS.

Do Not Obey.

There are supposedly 30 people in the United States without medical insurance. A number that is sure to rise as more people loose their insurance when ObamaCare costs them their job. If 3% of that population refuses to participate in ObamaCare that would 12,000 IRS agents have to process 900,000 people. If 5% refuse to obey those IRS health enforcement agents would be facing 1.5 million cases.

I Will Not Obey.

Spread the word. Show your support.

Do Not Obey.

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March 19, 2010

To The Members of the U.S. House Of Representives

My friend Mike emailed me today to ask if I had some language he could use when communicating his opposition to ObamaCare to his Senators. Since I have never been reticent in expressing my opinions I was happy to share with him. And now I'll share with you.

Mike -

First of all, forget the Senate. The problem right now is the House of Representatives which is about to vote on a package of changes to the bill the Senate passed just before Christmas. Included in that House vote will be a rule that Deems the House has passed the original Senate bill. The idea being that once they have pulled that trick off, the Senate will pass the revisions using reconciliation. 

According to the Senate rules, they cannot use the reconciliation process on a bill that has not been signed into law.

So once the House Deems the Senate bill passed (in other words passes it without actually voting on it) The One will sign it into law. Then even if the Senate thumbs its noses at the changes the House actually voted on, we still have Obamacare via the Deemed Passed and signed Senate bill.

Forget the Senate - the House is the problem.

The arguments I have made when contacting members of the House have focused more on the broader issues at stake than on the content of the bill. For me I see no validity or value in debating the merits of this clause or that, or arguing about the contained budget gimmicks and the defect impact of the bill. I don't give a damn if the bill funds abortion or not.

I have said:

I do not want the federal government to take away my freedom to decide how best to care for myself and my family. I believe those decisions are the provence of the individual. Further I do not believe that the Federal Government as established by the Constitution of the United States has the authority to mandate that I buy health insurance any more than it has the authority to mandate that I buy peanut butter. Any legislation or legislature that attempts to do so is illegitimate.

I believe that if the House of Representatives attempts to advance this legislation using a Deem and Pass rule that they have denied every American citizen representation. This bill, in addition to it's unconstitutional mandate, contains massive regulation that are in effect a federal nationalization of the insurance industry, and equally massive increases in taxation. Such an action represents not only taxation without representation but nationalization without representation. The procedural machinations of the the Democrat House Leadership will cost the Congress the Consent of the Governed. 

The first American revolution was started for less.

Feel free to take what you want from that and send it to as many members of the House as you can between now and Sunday.

(UPDATE The Washington Post has list of House members and where they stand. Start with the undecideds and help them to make the right decision.

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March 11, 2010

Individual Responsibility

In our house we have two Toyotas. Both have over 100,000 miles. My Corolla has over 150,000. Neither one has ever unexpectedly accelerated.

If my Corolla decides it's in a bigger hurry than I am and puts its own pedal to the metal, I have a plan.

Put the car in neutral, hit the button for the hazard lights, coast to a stop and turn the engine off.

On the radio this yesterday they were repeatedly playing the 911 recording of some moron in a Prius that had accelerated to 90 mph. Apparently he had been racing down the highway at the car's top speed for some 30 miles. The man was distraught and panicked. He was terrified.

First of all 90? He was freaked out going 90?

Second, at 90 mph it would take 20 minutes to go 30 miles. In 20 minutes this utter moron never thought to put the car in neutral or just shut the engine off? Of course not. That would be taking responsibility for his own life and safety. Better to call 911 and ask someone else to do it for him. He kept speeding down the highway until a police officer pulled in front of him and used his car to slow down the rampaging Prius.

The radio hosts were gushing with concern and empathy and bashing Toyota. If you haven't already figured it out, I had nothing but contempt for the idiot.

I'm just glad this was somewhere on the west coast, that means I don't ever have to share the road with this ass.

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March 03, 2010

Am I Missing Something?

There seems to be a lot of talk and planning and debate about the use of reconciliation in the Senate. Lot's of planning and discussion about what the GOP can do to stop the Democrats from using reconciliation to federalize healthcare.

From my perspective - the focus is all wrong. The process as I see it is this:

  1. The Senate, with a late night Christmas Eve vote, passed it's version of "Healthcare Reform."
  2. The House of Representatives must pass the Senate bill as written.
  3. The House then passes a separate bill of "fixes."
  4. The Senate passes the fixes via reconciliation.

Let's look at few scenarios. Step #1 is already done. Assume for a moment that votes are there and the House completes Step #2 and Step #3. Then imagine that in a tremendous political and procedural fight the Republicans prevent the Senate from using reconciliation and successfully block Step #4. Where does that leave us?

That leaves us at Step #2-A. The house and the Senate have both passed the same language for socialized medicine. Anybody doubt The One will sign that bill?

Even if the House can't get it's act together to complete Step #3 we're still at Step #2-A. We're still screwed.

All effort, and all energy should be focused on stopping the House from completing Step #2.

Here's a list of potential swing votes in the House. Light up their phones. Fill their inboxes. 

Stop this insanity in the House. Stopping the reconciliation fix is too little too late.

Harry Mitchell(202) 225-2190(480) 946-2411AZ5th District
Gabrielle Giffords(202) 225-2542(520) 881-3588AZ8th District
Ann Kirkpatrick(202) 225-2315928 226-6914AZ1st District
Jerry McNerney(202) 225-1947925-833-0643CA11th District
John Salazar202-225-4761970-245-7107CO3rd District
Jim Himes(202) 225-5541(866) 453-0028CT4th District
Alan Grayson(202) 225-2176(407) 841-1757FL8th District
Bill Foster(202) 225-2976630-406-1145IL14th District
Baron Hill202 225 5315812 288 3999IN9th District
Mark Schauer(202) 225-6276(517) 780-9075MI7th District
Gary Peters(202) 225-5802248 273-4227MI9th District
Dina Titus(202) 225-3252702-256-DINA (3462)NV3rd District
Carol Shea-Porter(202) 225-5456(603) 743-4813NH1st District
Tim Bishop(202) 225-3826(631) 696-6500NY1st District
John Hall(202) 225-5441(845) 225-3641 x49371NY19th District
Bill Owens(202) 225-4611(315) 782-3150NY23rd District
Mike Arcuri(202)225-3665(315)793-8146NY24th District
Dan Maffei(202) 225-3701(315) 423-5657NY25th District
Earl Pomeroy(202) 225-2611(701) 224-0355NDAt-Large District
Steven Driehaus(202) 225-2216(513) 684-2723OH1st District
Mary Jo Kilroy(202) 225-2015(614) 294-2196OH15th District
Zach Space(202) 225-6265(330) 364-4300OH18th District
Kathy Dahlkemper(202) 225-5406(814) 456-2038PA3rd District
Patrick Murphy(202) 225-4276(215) 826-1963PA8th District
Christopher Carney(202) 225-3731(570) 585-9988PA10th District
Paul Kanjorski(202) 225-6511(570) 825-2200PA11th District
John Spratt(202) 225-5501(803)327-1114SC5th District
Tom Perriello(202) 225-4711(276) 656-2291VA5th District
Alan Mollohan(202) 225-4172(304) 623-4422WVA1st District
Nick Rahall(202) 225-3452(304) 252-5000WVA3rd District
Steve Kagen(202) 225-5665(920) 437-1954WI8th District

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