November 28, 2011

A Lesser Stench of Corruption

A layer of filth, corruption and stupidity will soon be scraped off the floor of the House of Representatives. Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank has announced he will not seek re-election.

So long asshole.

UPDATE: Here's a link where you can send Barney a personal message. Please be sure to show him all the respect he deserves.

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November 10, 2011

And The There Was One

Not too long ago whenever I left the house I was "fully loaded." I had a PDA, an iPod and cell phone. If I were going to a child's even I would add to that a digital camera. That's why they make those cargo pants with all the extra pockets!

The PDA died and you know what they just didn't make PDA's anymore. I did the only thing I could do and got a replacement on eBay. In the mean time I got a cell phone with an OK camera that was good enough for routine events. Special occasions required something more, but those are rare and that's part of what makes them special.

The iPod had it's issues. I had to replace the battery twice and the hard drive once. Yes it was that old. Eventually it and the replacement PDA stopped working.

I bought an iPod touch. It did all the PDA stuff. It did all the iPod stuff. It did better photography. It did good enough for routine video. I was down to two devices. iPod and Cell phone.

For as long as I could I resisted the "Smart Phone." At first it was easy. If I was going to get one it was going to be an iPhone, but I was locked into Verizon and the iPhone was only AT&T. Then they came out with iPhone on Verizon and I didn't get one because I was too cheap to pay for a data plan.

Then I got a job at which a good part of what I do is design for the mobile web. It occurred to me that having a Smart Phone to actually see and test what I was doing might be a good idea. I tried it for a while using the iPod and it was OK. But so the mobile web is built around phones so I couldn't get the full experience.

So I broke down and got the iPhone 4.  I did not get the iPhone 4S. It cost more and I just didn't see it as worth the extra money to be able to use a beta voice command system.

Now I have one  thing to find. One thing to keep charged. And when I leave the house, one thing in my pocket.

I wish I had done this a lot sooner!

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November 04, 2011

The Trouble With Herman Cain

Here is round two in my unsolicited advice and commentary on the GOP Presidential hopefuls.

Today's candidate is Herman Cain.

I am deeply disappointed in Herman Cain and his campaign over their handling of the Politico hit piece on some old allegations of sexual harassment. I don't know if there is any truth to the allegations - and neither to the political hacks at Politico. All we know for sure is that allegations were made, and that the two women who made the allegations received a very small settlement. We seem to know just enough to make it look as bad as possible for Herman Cain.

I spent 10 years working in a fairly large corporation and was forced to sit through several semi-annual sexual harassment seminars. I think most of it is bullshit to begin with.

But I don't care about that. 

What I care about is that Herman Cain knows the details. He knew that true or false these allegations existed in his past. He had to know, particularly as his standing in the polls began to rise that this story was going come out. He had to know that in the current media climate it would be reported as breaking news if he ever tore the tag off his mattress.

Knowing that, he seemed completely unprepared when the story broke. His initial responses when the story broke were fumbling and ad hoc. 

Ideally the campaign should have put the story out their on their own - with their own spin. Maybe use it as a personal anecdote in support of tort reform aimed at ending a legal cultural in which even those falsely accused will settle because it's cheaper and easier. Barring that and knowing the story was going to come out, they should have been prepared.

They were not.

If a candidate can't be prepared for the expected, how would he be as a President dealing with the unexpected?

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