February 03, 2011

There is a Season, Turn, Turn, Turn

I know that retailers like to be out in front of the next buying season. They want to capture the next purchase driver before their competition. Which is why you're likely to see stores displaying Easter baskets on July 5.

That my be a slight exaggeration, but one that contains a kernel of truth.

One of the benefits of being involuntarily self employed is that when we need a few things at the store, I can pretty much go whenever I want and I have discovered that the stores are a lot less crowded during the day when people with jobs are working. So today I made a quick trip to the Local BJ's Warehouse.

I didn't need 20 pounds of beef jerky or 100 rolls of toilet paper but there were a few things I needed that we buy in bulk. One thing I did need was some rock salt to deal with the sheet of ice that used to be my driveway. So I made way across the store (with considerably more ease than if it had been Saturday or Sunday) to the seasonal items aisle.

Did I find the salt I needed? Absolutely not. I found grass seed, weed killer, bug killer and all sorts of stuff to get your lawn ready for spring.

My lawn is currently buried under three feet of snow topped with a nice crust of ice. The snow banks from shoveling and the plows are 6 feet high or higher. It's February 3. Some retail genius decided to get out in front of lawn care season?

I don't know when they reset the seasonal aisle for spring, but the shelves looked pretty full, and I bet they stay that way for a while.

I checked the whole store, and yes I asked. They had no rock salt.


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