July 29, 2011

Thoughts on Congress


The U.S. Congress is largely a useless bunch of disingenuous fucking idiots. 

This whole farce about the debt limit has been maddening in the extreme. Great amounts of posturing and bluster all to give the impression that they are actually doing something. It's all a smoke and mirrors side show. Nothing is going to be done. Not one fucking thing is going to change.

The leviathan that is the federal government is going to continue to grow and will continue to treat us not a citizens but subjects. Our rights barely given the respect of a clump of dog shit stuck to their heal.

The latest piece of toilet paper they have passed claims to "cut" spending one trillion dollars over 10 years. First they have not cut one damned penny of spending. What they have done is barely put a dent in the rate of increase of spending. Nothing they have done or rather pretended to do will do anything to reduce the national debt. The current argument is about raising the federal debt limit from $14.2 trillion to $16 trillion and change. When you're staring at $16+ trillion in debt, I think it's probably time to get serious about actually cutting spending.

But these assholes will cheer cutting $1 Trillion over 10 years like its the greatest accomplishment since the invention of the wheel. I'm no wizard at math but $1 trillion over 10 years works to somewhere around $100 billion a year. $100 billion sounds like a lot of money but when you consider that this year's deficit alone is $1.2 trillion, that $100 billion isn't jack shit.

The saying goes that we get the government we deserve, but what the hell did the American people ever do to deserve this?

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July 14, 2011

Whine and Cheese

Recently the left got it's collective knickers in a twist because Congressmen Paul Ryan was spotted at a Washington DC restaurant enjoying a $350 bottle of wine.

As usual, it doesn't take much to put the disgusting hypocrisy of the left into perspective.

The One is holding a little party/fundraiser to celebrate his 50th birthday. It's an invitation only event which in perpetual campaign speak means you only get an invitation is to buy one.

Here's the price list:

$50 gets you in to hear the music

$200 gets you a general admission ticket

$1,000 gets you premium section seating with a hosted bar

$10,000 gets you a souvenir photo with The One and preferred seating at the concert

$35,000 will get a couple VIP seats and dinner with The One.

I don't think we should be hearing the anyone the left complaining about a conservative congressman sharing a $350 bottle of wine with two friends.

But at least I now understand what The One means when he starts demanding that the rich pay their fair share.

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July 10, 2011

Nothing Will Be Done

The economic future of this nation, and perhaps the world, is apparently in the hands of a half dozen or so members of Congress and The One who are meeting today to continue negotiations on spending, taxes and the debt ceiling.

Read that again - and think about it for a moment.

If that doesn't result in a lump of solid fear in the pit of your stomach, you should probably read it again and think about it some more.

According to everything you hear in the traditional media, if the Congress does not vote to raise the debt limit the U.S. Treasury will be forced to default on its credit obligations and the result will be nothing short of economic armageddon.

Standing in the way of that disaster, Congressional leaders from both parties who have staked out positions they know the other side will never agree to so that when there is no deal each can blame the other. They will keep playing this game right up until the hour before we go into technical default. At which point there will be a deal that raises the debt limit, "raises revenues" (increases taxes) and promises spending cuts over the next decade.

If you honestly believe that those pledged future spending cuts will actually happen, go find a 2x4 and hit yourself on the head as hard as you can. Did it hurt? Good. I knew it would. And If you honestly believe that those pledged future spending cuts will actually happen you are probably bright enough to have followed that direction.

They will put the best lipstick borrowed money can buy on this big ugly pig called the federal budget - they call it that even though they have not actually passed a budget in over two years because the Democrat leadership refuses to even propose one. Their hope is that they can fool creditors and ratings agencies into thinking they have done something about the problem as a desperate hope to keep borrowing costs as low as possible so they can keep spending.

It may work for a while. They may fool some people this time. But when we run into the debt limit again and the entire world sees that we have done nothing to correct the systemic issues the generate the problem, they won't be fooled again.

It is impossible not to blame the unprincipled political hacks that run things in Washington, but the blame is not entirely theirs. The saying goes we get the deserve. We the people put this system in place and allowed to grow and rot for decades. Now we have an American citizenry addicted to government and a government afraid to go near their entitlements.

The very idea of entitlements is anathema to me. I find myself unable to reconcile the idea of "entitlements" with the concept of "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

I believe I am entitled to what I have earned. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As far as entitlements from the government go - i.e. one person's entitlement to the earnings of another - I can only quote the fictional Colonel Nathan Jessup, "I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to."

Will they do anything to fix the real problems facing this country? Absolutely not. Will they work really hard to make it look like they're doing something? Absolutely. That's what they do best.

Do we have a chance to solve our problems? Yes we do. We have this one chance.

The sand is almost through the hourglass. I am running out of hope that anything will change.

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July 06, 2011

I Needed Something Else to Do

I've had this blog since August of 2003 and lately it seems to be a bit neglected. If you don't remember the reasons Here's a reminder.

First it's the two-year project I call Operation Get A Job that began when I was laid off by my previous employer after ten years.

At the same time I also began Operation Get More Work that involved going into business as a freelance graphic designer. There's a link to the company's FaceBook page in the sidebar on the right.

Operation Get More Work has been fairly successful, while Operation Get A Job has been a complete fail. But between the two I've managed to be really busy. Too busy to spend a lot time writing about the issues of the day here. When this site was young I posted almost every day. Now I'm doing well to post more than once a month!

So what did come up with to help solve this problem? I created another blog!

It's called Point of Impact. It's a blog about design. 

Here's the RSS feed if you're into that sort if thing: 


Stop by and check it out. Tell your friends and colleagues.

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July 04, 2011

New T-Shirt Design

New T-Shirt design for sale.

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