September 15, 2012

With All Due Respect

The headline above is the customary preamble one uses when they are are about to be critical of someone in a higher position. It's how you ease into criticism of your boss. It's a shield you throw up in hopes that it will protect you from the fallout from what you are about to say.

It is, in my opinion, a clever shield because I believe that respect is something an individual has to earn. The phrase for me typically means, "you have earned my general respect, but in this instance I disagree with you."

There are also a lot of cases in which one can have respect for the position a person holds, but have little or no respect for the person holding it. You may have no respect for the person who is your boss, but you respect the position of "boss" to the extent that for as long as you can tolerate it you do what the "boss" tells you.

This is never more true than with the office of President of the United States. I have great respect for the  office of President of the United States both for it's authority and for its lack of authority. The presidency is a powerful position in American governance, but it is not all powerful. I respect that the authority of the president arises from the office and not the office holder. We elect a president, not a king. And it's a temp job.

I give office of President of the United States all the respect it is due.

I also give the office holder all the respect due. That is all of the respect they earn as individuals and leaders. In the case of the current office holder, "all due respect" amounts to exactly zero. 

The full litany of affronts to liberty stemming from his core collectivist beliefs is exhausting to contemplate. The cronyism of his economic policies and the fecklessness of his foreign policies are maddening.

When a representative of his administration, facing angry protests, apologized internationally for "abuse of free speech"  it was a statement that perfectly encapsulated Obama's view of America on the world stage.

When a U.S. ambassador was murdered, his response was a tepid statement and a trip to Vegas for a campaign fundraiser.

Here is the full measure of my respect for the current occupant of the office of President of the United States. He is a moronic, malignant, narcissist who is uselessly spineless on the international stage. He is an authoritarian, economically ignorant socialist on the domestic stage.

In short, the man is an asshole. And that is all the respect he is due.

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