January 18, 2014

The End Game

I left this as a comment to a post on Breitbart where Jason Scheurer wrote a lengthy rebuttal of the argument to raise the minimum wage. I thought I would share it here as well.

An extremely thoughtful and utterly useless argument.

The left's obsession with raising the federal minimum wage has absolutely nothing to do with "helping" unskilled labor. They fully understand every fact you presented, and are counting on them.

The influx of unskilled immigrant labor puts downward pressure on wages giving them a reason to call for raising the minimum wage. The loss of jobs due to the increase of the minimum wage gives then another reason to call for raising the minimum wage to help the bottom of the labor pool.

Every increase they can engineer in the federal minimum wage triggers wage increases in union contracts that are keyed to the federal minimum wage. Which means more money going into the pockets of the labor unions. Which means more money going into the pockets of politicians.

They do not care about helping the poor or unskilled labor. They do not even care if they harmed in the process. The end game is money and power. And they play to win.

Ayn Rand wrote,"Don't bother to examine a folly--ask yourself only what it accomplishes."

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January 07, 2014

Boating Inequality

Socialists (Democrat ad Republican alike) are still prattling on about "income inequality." I believe that income is what you earn. People have unequal capacities to earn therefore their incomes will be unequal.

I have a new motivational slogan written on the whiteboard in my office:

You're gonna need a bigger boat

Allow me to explain.

I work for a small business. Small as in the owner, six full-time people and one part time person. The owner has a boat. I don't know any of the details but it's a big power boat (nobody's perfect). Big enough to sleep on in some comfort.

I wrote the Jaws quote on my whiteboard to remind me that I want the company to be successful enough that my boss can buy a bigger boat. If the company is successful enough that the boss can buy a bigger boat, then the company can keep paying me - and maybe even pay me more. Maybe the company can even pay me enough that I can someday buy a small boat of my own.

With sails.

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January 06, 2014

Unquestioned Premises

I had Sean Hannity on the radio while driving home today and true to his format he had on one conservative and one liberal to debate a range of issues. As usual Hannity let the leftist slide on an outrageous statemnet because taking the time to question her premise would have taken away from three points he planned to make when he brought up the topic of  New York's new very left wing mayor. 

The liberal panelist (I did not hear her name and I'm the end it really doesn't matter) was talking about income inequality in the city. She lamented that  increasingly the poor and the middle class could not afford to live in the city and "That is not the kind of New York that we want."

If it were my radio show my next question would have been "Who exactly is we and what gives you the right to decide how New York should be?"

Individuals make decisions based on circumstances and their standards. The result is the city as it is. If the result is not as "we like it" that's too damned bad.

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