May 07, 2014

Top Secret Polution

The Inspector General for the Environmental Protection agency testified in Congress that a political office within the agency, and run by the Obama White House, was blocking investigations into the agency.

EPA's deputy administrator, Bob Perciasepe, told the House Oversight and Government Reform committee that he will instruct EPA's little-known Office of Homeland Security to seek permission to share information with the inspector general's office.

The announcement came during a congressional hearing after a top investigator with the inspector general testified that the office, run out of the EPA administrator's office, had for years systematically refused to share information on external threats, computer security and employee misconduct, citing national security.

I'm not an expert on everything the EPA does, but I am having a hard time imagining where the mission of the EPA intersects with national security.

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May 04, 2014

The Easy Road

Here it is May 4 and there is only one post here in all of 2014.


It'a not that I have stopped caring or stopped thinking, it's just to easy to a quick drive by commentary oar share something I saw on Facebook. Writing a blog post takes work. I have been lazy and taking the easy way out.

I'd like to promise that this will come to an end, but honestly I don't know if I have the time or energy.

I'm going to try. I'm setting the bar low to start - one post a week. We'll see how that goes then go from there.

Stay tuned?

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