February 26, 2017

Focusing on What Mtaters

Ann Althouse has posted an interesting thought experiment.
  1. Imagine a President Trump whose policies all accord with your own…
  2. Imagine a President Trump with all of the substantive policies of the real Donald Trump — all of them, exactly the same. But this Donald Trump meets your stylistic ideal…

Essentially she is try to get to the question of if it is Trump's style or Trump's substance that has so many people losing their sanity. 

Where I land on question one is, if everything a president did was exactly what I would want, the individual's personality, race, gender, whatever other category you wish to define, would not matter in the least. 

Question 2 is slightly more problematic as so far I have very mixed feelings about Trumps actual policy decisions. To the extent that he has taken actions to reduce federal authority and interference in our lives (see undoing Obama's Bathroom Rules) I'm pleased. His immigration policies seem to be a mish-mash of  almost-decent policy and knee-jerk stupidity and it's hard to tell which side is going to win on that one.

On the overall objective of the questions, I am entirely about substance. None of the rest of it matters.

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February 23, 2017

The Left's Paid Goons

First, my apologies for the language in the image above. What you are seeing is a rant from one of the American Left's paid thugs. Aside from the excessive F-bombs it's quite revealing.

The goon starts by outlining their standard formula for "protest."

"Show up, 'F' up fascist faces, break some random shit"

It should be noted that "fascist faces" means "any person we think might possibly not agree with us." And the random shit they break often seems to be Starbuck's windows and ATM machines. Maybe it's just that there are just a lot of those available.

But it's ok. They are getting paid and the really lucky ones get bailed out by their "backers." It would be interesting to know which organizations and which people are financially backing messing up faces and breaking stuff.

Because this violent criminal then goes on to complain that it is not fair that he and his fellow travelers are facing court dates and ten years in prison. Whining that you face jail time for willful premeditated assault and destruction of property is pretty pathetic.

What would be truly fair is if your backers were in the cell next to you.

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February 19, 2017

One Step Foreward

I have been critical, and justifiably so, of GOP Congressional Leadership. They seem at times to be to eager to go along to get along at the expense of what they claimed as their principals. I'm not sure if their recent actions are just more of the same (most likely) but at least I can give them credit for the result.

The House of Representatives and the Senate have been busily passing legislation under the Congressional Review Act which gives congress the authority to nullify regulations put in place by federal agencies.

So far of the three that have made it through the legislative process, President Trump has signed two. Both rescinding regulations targeting the energy industry. It's a step in the right direction.

In the first days of his administration, Trump issued an executive order saying that for every new regulation put in place an agency must eliminate two. This is an entirely symbolic gesture. An agency could put in place a highly restrictive regulation today and eliminate two regulations that have been on the books and unenforced for decades. Given the nature of the Washington DC bureaucratic state it is inevitable that result will be an increase in regulation.

But combined with the recent Congressional Review Act legislations, Trump's order can be seen as pointing in the right direction. Like everything Trump, and everything Congressional, I'm not assuming the existence of principal. I'm just going to watch and see if their range of the moment pragmatism accidentally produces a half-decent outcome.

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February 12, 2017

Taking it Elswhere

Here's a brief summary of a Facebook interaction with a liberal feminist. It of course resulted in standard liberal feminist debate procedure of name calling, insults, deleting the thread and blocking me from commenting.

I commented on this post https://www.facebook.com/VoteShawnee/photos/a.367919780256799.1073741828.367674920281285/375064496208994/?type=3&theater that a meme comparing the senate majority action against Elizabeth Warten to the civil rights movement was a bit of stretch.

I also noted that this kind of absurd hyperbole likely contributed the electoral rebuke of the Democrat at all levels in 2016.

In a follow up comment - the one that resulted in the insults quoted above - I observed that you could equally use the same meme about the protesters attempting to block the Secretary of Education from entering a school.

I did not note above that in the comment calling me "misogynistic racist" it was also mentioned that Devos bought and paid for her position. I resisted the temptation to snark about how Warren got a senate seat without spending a dime. I wonder what insults that would have caused!

One final comment was added before the whole thread was deleted and I was banned: 

"This is a battle cry for women. McConnell perfectly summed up what women have been doing for decades. Pointing out your misogyny and racism isn't name calling. Again, take it elsewhere."

This is elsewhere.

Whomever this VoteShawnee person is, she has clearly shown herself to be dishonest and a coward. SInce I don't resort to mere name calling, here are the supporting facts. 

She most certainly did not point out how my comments were in any way misogynistic or racist. She did not because she could not. She said "You're no more than a misogynistic racist." To say that is not name calling is a lie. 

Then rather than than continue the debate she deleted the comment thread and blocked me from commenting. That is the Cowardice.

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February 09, 2017

Breaking Rule 19

I have to confess to being slightly amused when Senator Elizabeth Warren was essentially told to sit down and shut up. I am not a fan of her collectivist "you didn't build that" politics to say the least.

During Senate debate on the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions to be the next Attorney General, Senator Warren's comments vered into personal attacks. Senate Rule 19 discusses the rules and procedures of debate on the floor of the Senate. Section 2 of the rule reads:

No senator in debate shall, directly or indirectly, by any form of words impute to another senator or to other senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a senator.

Warren was quoting a letter written in 1986 by Senator Ted Kennedy and Coretta Scott King when Sessions was nominated to be a federal judge. The Kennedy and King letter described Sessions as racist and a "disgrace to the Justice Department." 

I think that clearly qualifies as indirectly imputing conduct unworthy of a senator. The left however disagrees and argues that this "rarely enforced" rule was used only because Warren is a woman (or at least self-identifies as one).

The second best argument against the left's gender card nonsense is probably this quote:

"It’s very unfortunate. I know emotions run high on issues in the Senate, and those are the times when I think we have to take special care to abide by the rules of the Senate, particularly Rule 19, which is very clear that no senator is to impugn the integrity of another senator.”

Senator Susan Collins discussing Senator Ted Cruz calling Senator Mitch McConnell a liar on the floor of the Senate in July of 2015.

Which brings me to what is always best argument against the left's gender card nonsense, basic logic. Perhaps what happened with Senator Warren had nothing to do with her genitalia and it is simply the case that Rule 19 is rarely enforced because Rule 19 is rarely broken.

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February 08, 2017

Destroying the Environment in Order to Save it

It's kind of a familiar tale. Large left wing protest. Huge pile of garbage. It is is slightly more galling when the protest is done in the name of protecting the environment.

But it's not their fault. According to one commenter on You Tube:

Wow, look at all of that garbage at the DAPL protest site. Look at all of that hippie trash that built up. Look at all of that unsanitary refuse that the protesters might have been able to throw away normally if Energy Transfer Partners; the Morton County Sheriff's Department; and the State of North Dakota hadn't waged a siege and closed the highways in and out of the camp. Now it's just a photo-op for the oppressors, part of their B.S. narrative being prosecuted by Fox News and other MSM news outlets that the protesters don't really care about the environment; that they are being paid by George Soros; and that they are really just lawless liberal anarchists with nothing better to do with their lazy, anti-establishment lives.

You have to give Paul Ronco points for creativity - but then immediately deduct twice as many for basic failures of logic. All of that stuff that became month's worth of garbage, had to get there somehow. Apparently the siege of the camp wasn't very effective. Stuff and people were getting in, they just didn't care enough to take the trash out.

"Hey, we're saving the world over here. Pile the trash and feces over there.

I do hope the organizers of this environmental disaster are going to be sent the bill for the cleanup.

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February 06, 2017

Minority Report

Betsy DeVos is going to be the next Secretary of Education.

GOP leadership gave permission to two senators who need to keep getting donations from teacher's unions to vote no. If no Democrats vote yes, this will result in a 50 50 tie with Vice President Pence casting the deciding vote.

There is essentially nothing the minority party can do to stop this or any other Trump nomination because the Democrats short-sightedly eliminated the filibuster when they were the majority.

All you people who want to eliminate the Electoral College because you think a majority rule democracy is better that a Representative republic - how do you like it now?

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