November 13, 2003

Big Brother's Colors

According to a World Net Daily report

The city of Lauderhill, Fla., passed a new law that controls the colors residents can paint their home
The specific target of the measure is a man who had painted his house purple and gold – the colors of his college fraternity.

I could go on at length about the absurdity of painting your house the colors of your college fraternity. Or I could rant about the psychological implications of a lack of maturity that leads one to cling to portions of their youth too tightly. And quite frankly I would have preferred it if he had painted his house purple and gold just to piss off his busy body neighbors – which he has succeeded in doing.

But what really bothered me about this story was this:

a consultant will help the city create a color palette with hundreds of shades from which homeowners can choose. Commissioners are scheduled to vote on the palette in January.
I tried a number of different searches on Google to try to determine how many possible paint colors you could choose from at a typical paint store or home improvement store. The closest I got to a number was “infinite.� I did come across and interesting discussion about the range of the visible electromagnetic spectrum the author of which concluded that somewhere there are probably around 300 trillion possible colors.

From this palette of 300 trillion visible colors the City Commissars of Lauderhill, FLA are going to vote on which few hundreds residents will be allowed to paint THEIR OWN HOUSES.

If I had the capital to fund a fantastically quixotic gesture against the stupidity and the intrusiveness of this law, I would buy a house in Lauderhill, and paint it a patchwork of every color the commissars approve.

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1 Please read and research before you speak. The homeowner is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. The organization is a historically black fraternity, in which, membership is lifelong. You are expected to participate in charitable giving, community service programs, mentoring programs, etc... until you die. Unlike white greek organizations, black greek letter organizations do not have socializing at their primary focuses. Because the fraternity's goals are community service, members are of great use well after their "binge drinking college days." Thus, the homeowner who choose to paint HIS home the royal colors of his illustrious fraternity is not psychologically defective because he is clinging to his youth, he is a man who choose to paint HIS home his two favorite colors, purple and gold.

Posted by: Kelley at January 23, 2004 03:11 PM (CSxVi)

2 Do not assume things. Research first, then form an opinion.

Posted by: Kelley at January 23, 2004 03:11 PM (CSxVi)

3 Kelley,

The paticular fraternity involved was not mentioned, not were its beliefs elaborated on. I do appologise if my offhand remarks that had little or nothing to do with the subject of my post disturbed you. That said, I would not have writen it differently if the details you provided had been included in the reports that I read prior to forming an opinion.

The bottom line is, I don't really care why he chose to paint his house those colors. And if you read the post with any care, you will see that I am defending his right to do so.

Posted by: StMack at January 23, 2004 03:12 PM (CSxVi)

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