March 22, 2017

Big Pizza is Watching You

We have a family food tradition that is probably outside the norm. It all started when the daughter was in a choir that had rehearsals on Wednesday nights so dinner was a bit of a fire drill. So while for most people take out night is probably something you do on the weekend, for us take out night is still Wednesday.

The daughter is off at college but the son and I maintain the tradition with the added twist that I let him pick what we're getting. Usually this works out just fine, but every once in a while, for reasons I don't understand, he will pick Domino's. I am not a fan of Domino's pizza. I think there are many better options available - some of which are in our grocer's freezer.

I just don't like the crust.

They do have a chicken habeƱero sandwich that I tolerate so tonight when he picked Domino's "because we hadn't had it for a long time" I got the sandwich.

I also downloaded their app to place the order and so I could use the handy tracker to time my trip to pick it up. Domino's is not worth the extra cost of the delivery charge and the tip. I had the app open to their tracker - a progress bar that tells you how close your order is to ready - and there was button that said "Track Your Order." I thought I was already looking at the tracking so I pushed the button.

An alert popped up that said (quoting from memory) "We have detected a Samsung Smart TV on your network. Enter this code '55555' and track your order on your TV."

Excuse me - pizza guy. Get the hell off my network. What other information are you collecting while you snoop for smart TVs?

That app has been deleted, but I guess Domino's already knows that. Hopefully it will be a long time before my son feels nostalgic for mediocre pizza.

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