April 16, 2005

I Am Not Alone

I am not alone in my frustration with the lack of leadership from the Republican party on the issue of judicial filibusters. There is a growing storm of people who supported the GOP who are dissatisfied with the results. Start with Not. One. Dime. from Captain's Quarters. Read the comments. Then start on the long list of trackbacks.

The Republican leadership needs to understand that the people who elected them and gave them a larger majority in both houses, in large part sue to their promises of action on judicial nominees, are unhappy with their performance.

Here's a partial list of blogs expressing similar thoughts. I started from the Captain's Quarters trackbacks. If you know of more email or comment and I'll ad them.

Threshold Negative 55
Deep Down in Texas
Blue State Conservatives
Combs Spouts Off
Doug TenNapel
Balance Sheet
The Nose On Your Face
Wilson Fu Weblog
Hooda Thunk
Am I A Pundit Now?
New England Republican
Thinking Right
New England Republican
The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
Don Singleton
The Key Monk
GOP Bloggers
Hard Starboard
The House of Wheels
Prince Pundit
Drumwaster's Rants
Confirm Them
C-Pol: Constitutionalist Conservative Politics
Angel Dressed in Black
The Asylum
Young Conservative
The Discerning Texan
Another from Threshold Negative-55

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