May 20, 2005

It Had To Be Him

There are rumors of possible coup attempt in the Senate. Apparently a Junta made up of 12 moderate Senators from both parties are going to attempt to assume the authority to decide which nominees to the federal appellate courts are approved.

Whatever side of the argument over the constitutionality of filibustering the nomination of judges you take, I think almost everyone can agree that putting the control of the judiciary in the hands of this group is not a good idea. 12 Senators holding that much power over anything is not a good idea. Once they have tasted that power, what is to stop them from wielding it over anything and everything they desire?

Party loyalty?

I don't think so, since one of the members of this power grabbing group is none other than RINO party chairman John McCain. If this groups succeeds in taking over the Advise and Consent roll of the Senate, look for legislation making it illegal to complain about it soon.

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