October 10, 2015

Lactose Intollerance

I was apparently born without the genes for hyper sensitivity and the associated moral outrage that so often manifests as a symptom. 
I don't often admit this publicly but I am one of the 65% of the global  population that is lactose intolerant. Admidedly my condition is not too severe. I can eat a cheese burger or a slice or two of pizza usually without trouble but a glass of milk is out of the question. A delicious cream sauce at dinner and I'll be calling in sick the next day. 
It is not a fun problem to have and it is constantly fodder for jokes and mocking. 
One of the television shows we watch regularly is Big Bang Theory. A generally smart and funny show  that mixes a little actual science with routine banal sitcom humor. One running joke on the show is that one of the characters, Leonard, suffers from lactose Intollerance. This is a source of routine mocking and jokes. 
I should be offended. I should be outraged. I should be manning the baricades of social media demanding an end to this discrimination.
The show should be rewritten or taken off the air and all the past episodes destroyed. Someone should be held responsible and fired.  
But I'm too busy laughing at the jokes and even at myself to be offended. 
There must be something seriously wrong with me, beyond difficulty digest in dairy. 

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