May 24, 2005

Let's Make A Deal

So it seems the Senate rules have been changed. It apparently does not require a super-majority to approve an appeals court nominee. It does not require the vote of a simple majority. All it takes to decide the fate of a nominee is a super-minority. The gang of 14 has spoken and they have taken over the Senate's responsibility to advise and consent.

Now we just need to put our thinking caps on and come up with a clever name for this little junta.

I suppose there will be some benefits to having the federal judiciary under the control of a pack of maverick Senators (7 Democrats, 6 Republicans and John McCain).

No need for the president or his staff to put all that time and effort into selecting a nominee. Just ask the Fantastic Fourteen who they like and rubber stamp it. If they want to preserve some illusion of Presidential authority they could just submit a list of 3 people they like and let the Junta pick one. Or maybe the Mavericks could send the president a list of judges it would be O.K. to nominate. Either way without having to put all that thought and effort into coming up with nominees the President will have more time to focus on other things like setting up programs to buy viagra for pedophiles.

Think of the money the Senate will save on its operating budget. No need to have those exhaustive and probably expensive hearings in the Judiciary Committee. All that time spent answering questions, the FBI background checks are no longer necessary. The Feckless Fourteen will decide. Instead of the thousands of dollars spent on the current process they can get together over coffee for about $500 and pick some judges.

Since there will be no need for the other 88 Senators to debate, maybe we should figure out how much that time is worth and deduct it from their pay.

Come to think of it does anyone know how the Felonious Fourteen feels about John Bolton?“

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