March 15, 2017

MSNBC Blinded by Hatred

What I don't understand about the whole MSNBC Trump Tax form circus is how it happened. Not how MSNBC and Rachel Maddow got their hands on Trump's 2005 tax return, but how it actually got on the air.

Did they read them first? Did they do any basic research to see how Trump's tax rate compared to the rates paid by other prominent politicians? I think five minutes of Google time and the tiniest bit of common sense should have told them that not only was this a nothing story but in the end it was going to make Trump look better.

Trump paid taxes at almost double the rate of Socialist Crank Bernie Sanders. He also paid a much higher effective rate than Obama who spoke constantly about "asking" the rich to "pay their fair share." The returns that Maddow and company shared with world show that in 2005 Trump paid $38,000,000 in federal taxes. I wonder if Obama and Sanders consider that a fair share or not enough?

I'd like to think that Trump is some sort of genius super troll and that this was all part of some carefully crafted plan. That he would refuse to release his tax returns knowing that the democrats and their media partners would eventually get their hands on them. He had to be counting on the refusal to spark all kinds of speculation and innuendo to designed smear him and derail his campaign. He had to do all of this with the belief that when the media would eventually get them they would rush to make them public. And of course he had to know what the result would be.

I'd like to think it was part of his plan. But at his hollow core Trump is a range of the moment pragmatist. Instead Trump is the unwitting beneficiary of the media's blinding hatred that lead Maddow to hold up his tax returns in a moment of what she and her network perceive as triumph. They were speaking truth to power, and that truth is that Trump paid a lot of tax. Now they have learned that the paper the forms are printed on is not useful for wiping the egg off their faces.

On a side note. Trump claims to be a managerial genius who surrounds himself with the best people. Really the best people? And he paid 25% of his income in taxes? I hope he fired his accountant.

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