November 24, 2003

My Memorial Vision

I was reviewing the finalists for the World Trade Center Memorial recently and though I found some of then aesthetically appealing I found them all to be emotionally unsatisfactory. I guess in part that is probably because the memorial is not there for my benefit and because I don't need it. I don't need a place to remind of me what happened and what I felt on September 11. That is etched permanently into my memory.

Part of what I find lacking in the Memorial concepts stems from a deep dislike for the building plans for the new Trade Center. In the midst of the rage, anguish and confusion of 9/11 my first thought was that we should rebuild the towers exactly as they were. Time has only modified that thought slightly. Because there does need to be a memorial. If for nothing else to serve as a reminder to every ass who does nothing but criticize every step we take in defiance of terrorism. Now my thought is that we should rebuild the towers exactly where and as they stood with the addition of 11 floors to the top of each to serve as a memorial.

But I would not build a memorial only to those who died on that day. I would build not only a memorial to the lost but a tribute to the living. A tribute to those who fought death on that day. A tribute to those who toiled endlessly, digging with their hands and passing debris in bucket brigades in the hope that they might pull one survivor from the wreckage. I would build not only a memorial to the lost but a tribute to the spirit of a wounded nation that gathered itself and declared This Will Not Go Unanswered.

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