December 03, 2011

No Dog in THis Fight

A while back I started writing a series of posts on the GOP primary candidates, offering my entirely unsolicited opinion and advice to my GOP friends. I've done Romney and Cain (and I know two posts does not a series make so I have some work to do on that score) because they were the top dogs at the time. Now the newest leader of the pack is Newt F'n Gingrich.

Are you kidding me?

When I suggested the GOP nominate anyone but Romney, Newt was somewhere around 7% support in the polls.  I seriously didn't think the GOP could possibly be that stupid. I guess I should have learned my lesson last year when I hoped the Democrats would nominate anyone but Hillary Clinton.

That Gingrich wasn't laughed out of the race within two days of filing the paperwork says something about the GOP. That he is currently the front runner for the nomination says something even more frightening. If it's a choice between Romney and Gingrich the GOP might as well draft John Boehner or Olympia Snowe.

At this point GOP voters should stop worrying about finding a candidate with solid conservative principles and just try to find one with any principles at all.

I think I'm kind of done offering these people the benefit of my wisdom. I'm normally fond of tilting at windmills but all of this shouting into a gale force wind of electoral stupidity is getting tiring.

There are many reasons I am registered to vote as an Independent. The biggest one is that the GOP does things like make Gingrich or Romney their most likely nominees and I want no part of it. There may be some of you wondering "why not get involved and try to change things?" Well, it never changes, for one thing. For another, I live in the very small, very blue state of Connecticut. There is a Republican party here but it is about as effective and relevant as the Libertarian Party of Saudi Arabia.

In the end I will probably wind up in a voting booth in November of 2012 holding my nose and casting symbolic vote for whomever the GOP sends up against The One. That The One will walk away with Connecticut's electoral votes without even bother to campaign in the state is a given. And I'll cast a token vote for the Republican sacrificial lamb in Connecticut's Congressional contests. And I will go home feeling like I need an intellectual and moral shower with the only solace available being the end of The One's socialist reign and the return to GOP socialism lite.

Would it be too much to ask that they make it at least a little fun? Could they, just for a while, make Ron Paul the front runner?

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