August 20, 2010

Offensive By Design

One of the great things about being a designer is that there a million things that you can redesign, even if no one asks you to. You can do it just for fun, as an exercise. The really good part is most of the time there is no one to tell you how awful it is.

Most of the time.

Some times, a designer gets a clever idea to stage a public redesign and put it all on a website for the world to see. They will even invite other designers to participate. These designers will upload their stuff to this site and other people can come around and tell them how much they suck.

Or this case how far beyond suck they have gone. The assignment was interesting enough - redesign U.S. currency. One designer, Dowling Duncan, designed not only the ugliest currency ever seen, but managed to create a positively offensive one dollar bill.

The basis of the concept Barack Obama = George Washington.

I guess this give a whole new meaning to "The One."

The designer says he made this choice to celebrate the fact that The One is the first black President.

George Washington is not on the dollar bill just because he was the first President. He is on the dollar because of what he did to earn the privilege of being the first President.

George Washington risked everything to help create this nation. It was his courage and resolve and leadership during the Revolution that earned him the title"Father of out Country."

The One has done nothing to earn the honor of appearing on American currency. Much like he had done, and does nothing to earn the honor of a Nobel Prize. The accomplishment that the designer claims to be celebrating is not even his. The One got to the White House on the backs of thousands who came before him.

Leaving aside the appalling concept of The One replacing George Washington, the bill (and all the others in the series) are ugly. They look like tickets. As though this is good for one admission and the box officer person will tear off the top portion and had you back The One as your stub. And on what planet would it ever be appropriate to include a politician's campaign logo on currency?

This redesign of the currency was purely and intellectual exercise. The decision to replace George Washington with The One marks it as an intellectual failure by someone with obviously no understanding or appreciation for the founding of this nation.

UPDATE: Added a full size image below the fold.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at 09:12 PM | Comments (1) | Add Comment

1 Why not put a picture of George Soros on the dollar bill since he's made a fortune from the very system he wants to destroy via a new world order, to include a world monetary system.   This isn't any fun, creating a phony dollar bill; so why is our government does it all the time?

Posted by: T F Stern at August 25, 2010 08:06 AM (Ruh11)

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