October 17, 2012

Questions and Answers

I watched a good deal of the debate last night ( I kind of forgot it was on so I missed the first 30 minutes ) and was everything I expected. And my expectations were not all that high.

There was, toward the end, one question the answers to which revealed everything you need to know to make up your mind about the candidates. They were asked what they would do to encourage employers to bring back jobs that had been moved overseas.

Romney's plan was to make doing business in America more appealing by making our business taxes more competitive and the regulatory burden less burdensome.

Obama's plan was to make it more difficult for a company to move operations overseas by increasing regulation and manipulating the tax laws to make it more costly.

Romney: make America better.

Obama: make leaving just as bad as staying.

The only time I felt compelled to shout obscenities at the television (the only time the compulsion was so strong I couldn't overcome it) was when Obama said everyone should be paying their fair share (i.e. tax the rich more) because everyone should be playing by the same rules. IN THE SAME SENTENCE! 

My question is, is he really as stupid as he thinks we are?

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