March 01, 2017

Same Shit Different Statist

President Trump {{{shudder}}} gave a speech before a joint session of Congress last night. A sort of unofficial State of the Union Address. So he did what presidents always do, he proposed some big ticket legislation.

Trump proposed a massive Make American Infrastructure Great Again package.

"I will be asking the Congress to approve legislation that produces a $1 trillion investment in the infrastructure of the United States."

We've been down this federally build road before. The only surprise is that he didn't actually refer to "shovel ready projects." I can't wait to see what he calls his "Summer of Recovery." If he really wants to continue trolling the Democrats he could go with "Summer of Reconstruction."

This will work in exactly the same corrupt way it worked when Obama and the Democrats did the exact same thing. The money will go to Trump & GOP cronies who will turn around and donate a portion of the proceeds to Republican candidates and PACs. 

Just don't lose sight of where the money for this comes from. This money will be taken by force from you and me and our children and their children.

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