May 24, 2015

The Debate Debate

There's a lot of debate on the political "right" about network plans to limit the number of declared Republican candidates on stage for the presidential primary debates. All I can think of is "so what."

The debates don't matter, the primaries don't matter, and based on recent evidence the elections don't matter.

The American people elected sweeping Republican majorities to Congress to stop the Democrats extreme left wing agenda. To halt Obama's "fundamental transformation" of the country. Have they done it? Have they stopped anything?

Executive amnesty - they caved.

Unconstitutional treaty with Iran - they caved.

Expanded trade negotiation powers - they caved.

Illegal Obamacare subsidies - they're planning to cave if the SCOTUS strikes them down.

The re-authorization of PATRIOT Act surveillance that is currently blocked in the Senate - they'll find a way to make a deal and cave on that too. They cannot and will not allow the size, scope and power of government to be reduced.

It doesn't matter who holds the power in Washington, their end game is the same - more power.

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