May 31, 2005

Where To Eat On An Expense Account

I need everyone's help. I am traveling to Cincinnati next week for business. I need restaurant recommendations. Money is no object. The object is to spend as much money as possible. We're talking expense account dinners here. Nothing but the best.

Any suggestions?

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1 I suggest you go somewhere else. Can you schedule the meeting for Paris?

Posted by: RP at June 01, 2005 03:29 AM (LlPKh)

2 Yea Right I was in France theyre food sucks
a bunch of froglegs and crepes with bad eggs
Faggy looking waiters sascheying around with there big noses in the air sandweech jambon
my ASS. Sandweech Mule you could still see the lines on the "meat" where the jockey'ed been hitting it Go to Reds feild and buy a
dozen Hot dogs this should run you about 40$
take them to UPS and ship them overnight to all The Mucky Mucks back at the main office Then Make youre way down to the third base line box seats and yell out WHERE THE HELL CAN I GET A GOOD STEAK DINNER IN THIS TOWN ? . Take theyre advice and orber the prime rib with lobster or King crab legs. Tip everyone enormously and have someone take a picture of you with the cook and owner plus youre meal .
when you get back print this photo up as large as possible and hang it up in youre office.

Posted by: skinner at June 01, 2005 09:05 PM (2QbGQ)

3 I spent too many years in Cincinnati, but I did learn all of the good restaurants. (There isn't a lot to do in Cinti, except eat.)

The Celestial on Mount Adams. Get directions. Make reservations (they don't always require them, but...) Not just the best restaurant in Cinti, but a damn fine one anywhere. Expensive. Get very detailed directions. Mount Adams is a nightmare. Actually driving in Cincinnati is a nightmare.

I think they have a Morton's in Cincinnati (I know Morton's from Chicago). Steak, Beef, large quantities of red meat. Not for the finacially challenged.

The Precinct is the local steak house. I was never there, but reports were good.

Montgomery Inn for Ribs. Best ribs in Cincinnati, and damn good ribs in general. Be prepared to be a mess.

For a change go to Mayura - the best Indian restaurant in Cincinnati, though maybe not the most authentic. Swami has been in America for many years, and he has adapted the menu a bit. If you aren't familiar with Indian, he will suggest some things. Try the Mango Lasi. (Swami never has salt Lasi)

If you don't like Swami's place go next door to the Cactus Pear - Mexican - run by his wife (she is not Indian, but Mexican. And I think it is 2 doors down actually.)

Teak Thai (Thai and Sushi). Parking is ridiculous, drive up the hill and pay to park. (This is either a Catholic HS or a monestary, I forget...but they charge a couple of bucks to park.) Mt. Adams is confusing even when you live in Cinti... leave enough enough time to get lost at least once. I never ordered Sushi in Ohio...others did and lived to tell the tale.

If you are going to be in Evendale, or even in Ivorydale, or in the industrial belt north of the City, I like Through the Garden in Blue Ash. Not expensive, but good food - a limited menu, but as it includes chicken, steak, pasta and fish, most people find something they like. Soup is wonderful.

Dave & Busters is a good way to waste an evening. (North of the city on 275 beltway near 75) They have decent food. The games are fun, but you probably can't fit that onto your expense account. (Pool by the hour, not the game, video and arcades. They chase the kids out at 9PM I think)

Hyde Park is known for trendy eateries, but they go in and out of business. Ask locals. Indigo was good southern Italian. Awakenings is a good coffee house for after dinner.

OK, you said money was no object, so I am including French... The Maisonette is supposed to be wonderful. Outside my interest.

Posted by: Zendo Deb at June 02, 2005 04:40 PM (S417T)

4 Fantastic. I knew all I had to do was blog it and I would find what I needed.

I am not concerned with driving and parking - nothing but taxis.

Thanks for the tips.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at June 02, 2005 04:45 PM (ics4u)

5 If you are going to be north of Cincinnati, but inside the 275 beltway

Grand Finale - food is OK, deserts are out of this world.

Iron Horse Inn - good standard American fare

If you are going to be south, in the industrial belt near the Airport, then I would ask some locals about Covington and Newport. There was a lot of water-front development going on just as I was leaving.... restaurants, theaters, etc.

Posted by: Zendo Deb at June 02, 2005 04:55 PM (S417T)

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